Blinding, labeling, JIT -labeling, kit assembly, re-labeling

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Blinding is a procedure that results to keep one or more parties in a trial unaware of which treatment arms have been assigned to participants.

As for the appearance, of an investigational product, this covers all aspects, such as shape, volume, color, height, and of course all information provided by the label.

We provide blinding packaging services for blisters, injectables, vials, bottles, tubes, pouches, and sachets. We select the blinding material product type according to the primary packaging. Blinding can be expended by further functions such as tamper-evident security solutions, code-break function, and documentation sections.


Labels need to match the shape of primary packaging and serve required multifunctionality. Investigational products must withstand handling and storage while labels remain attached and legible.

Our labelling services provide the following:

  • Variable data, code and identity
  • Mono-/bi-/multi-lingual Extended Content Labels (ECL) (booklet label, wrap-around label, with or without tear-off label)
  • Re-labelling
  • 100% in-process quality checking